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Hypnosis Courses and Workshops 2017


Learn the basics of hypnosis for personal empowerment, weight loss, smoking cessation and anxiety reduction and confidence building.  

January 28 and Feb 4, 2017. Cost is $300.00.  Call for details and to register. 403-382-7644 or email james@jrhypnotherapy.com.  

Learn what hypnosis really is and a history of its evolution

Learn about conscious and subconscious processes

Techniques for trance induction

Giving suggestions for: confidence building, pain management, relaxation, weigh loss, fitness motivation, sports performance and more.

Workshop is just over 6 hours in length and broken up in 2 parts for better retention










Feb 5, 2017 Stop smoking seminar, 1pm Pincher Creek Community Hall.  Cost is $85.00.  Click here for contact information.

stop smoking hypnotherapy

Learn how to manage craving, develop a well formed plan for quitting and living healthier.  Many techniques taught in this course can be used in many other aspects daily life to create success and abundance.






Relaxation and Empowerment Workshops available for your work! 403-382-7644 for more information.


Take control of racing thoughts by learning how thoughts become things.  Learn techniques to instantly calm your body down and relax.





Fitness Motivation and Goal Setting – Available When you are!





Get back on track with your fitness goals for 2017!

Enhance your positive focus

Set goals and achieve them

Learn how to raise your metabolism with self hypnosis

Gain control over your eating, release cravings and become healthier

weigh loss 3 months from now









Hypnosis for Couples  – Available upon request

client in therapy eyes closed


Learn the basics of hypnosis so you can work together as a team to make life better

Learn the history of Hypnosis and how it’s uses have developed

Reduce anxiety and build confidence

Manage Chronic Pain (arthritic, back and fybromyalgia for example)

Learn hypnotic language for relationship enhancement

Learn trancing techniques and how to give positive suggestions

Sessions done in private and program is tailored to specific needs of the couple.



Corporate and Group programs are starting now.  Please go to www.jamescastelli.ca for details on health and wellness programs that are available throughout Southern Alberta and British Columbia.  In short, programs will include group presentations along with personal and group therapy sessions depending on clients needs and wants.

Hypnotherapy And Empowerment Workshops: 

Available upon request for any group or fundraiser.  These can take place any where in Western Canada. Empower your mind and body for change: Stop Smoking, Lose Weight, Reduce Anxiety and Build confidence.

hypnotherapy workshop


Corporate Health and Wellness Program – Sponsored whole or in part by the employer 

If you have a company that is focused on the health and well being of its employees then this is perfect for you.

Participants will learn how to control cravings, gain fitness motivation and build confidence in their ability to achieve success during this program and make it a part of their lifestyle.

Hypnotherapy workshops and presentations are available upon request. For more information please contact James at 403-382-7644